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What does the future of research look like beyond COVID-19 and towards  2025?

July 20, 2020

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The future of research is highly uncertain post-COVID. It is likely that societies and economies will undergo marked periods of co… See more

Jago D.

2 Sep, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Edited:As has been mentioned there is an increasing need for interdisciplinary research to address existing and emerging complex challeng… See more

Michal T.

25 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Challenges always bring opportunities and a chance to reflect. Research in the future should be focussed on improving the lives of… See more

Julia G.

3 Aug, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

RMIIT Vietnam should use the opportunity to participate, have a significant contribution to the Fourth Industrial Revolution which… See more

Alexandru F.

31 Jul, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

RMIT, as a technology innovator, has the opportunity to take the lead in providing researchers with cutting edge tools to accelera… See more

Jo D.

31 Jul, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

Edited:We have an opportunity to bring together the excellent applied, interdisciplinary research we do at RMIT, especially across the &#… See more

Cecily M.

22 Jul, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply

There was a great discussion on this topic in today's R&I Community of Practice. The external panel made up of speakers f… See more

Maddie B.

21 Jul, 2020 Report Report Reply Reply
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