RMIT’s next strategy will be the synthesis of our community’s unique views and perspectives, co-creating our goals and objectives for the future.

Over the last 12 months, RMIT and the communities we work in have faced unanticipated challenges and implemented huge, adaptive changes in order to continue to operate and thrive, despite the constraints and uncertainties caused by the global COVID pandemic. 

Despite the many challenges, our community have shared their ideas and ambitions for the future through RMIT NEXT online discussions, that are helping us to power a path forward for the University. 

As well as the events of 2020 significantly shifting the way RMIT operates, it has also impacted our approach to developing our new strategy, known as RMIT NEXT, in 2021. 

This year, RMIT NEXT will continue the engagement and work to building our University’s shared Directions, developed from these themes and the aspirations and insights gathered from the community, and continue to focus the discussions even further until we identify our final goals and objectives; the strategic plan that will enable our University to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.

The strategic directions that will be developed from these themes will be shared with everyone at RMIT at the end of Juneconfirming RMIT’s direction, and signalling the next stage of our strategy process and our community’s shared priorities for the future. 

This process will closely align with RMIT’s adaptive approach to quarterly delivery, learning and planning. 

From April, there will be a number of opportunities to join the discussion on a truly global scale at NEXT Forums, hearing from experts and thought leaders and continuing to share your thoughts on the future of RMIT.

Keep checking back for updates on key dates, playbacks and community insights, as well as a look at a set of directions that will inform our final plan.

All of the conversations will be hosted online on the NEXT website and will shape our new Directions as well as the values, goals and priorities to be pursued through 2022 and beyond.

Together, we will build a brighter, stronger future and continue to thrive.

#NEXT is now